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If you’re a shopper at Sainsbury’s, My Nectar Prices can save you money on those items that you buy regularly.

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My wife and I aren’t regular shoppers at Sainsbury’s but sometimes make a trip, now that a larger store has opened up near to us.

I recently tried logging into my Nectar account to be told that because I hadn’t used my card for 12 months I had to apply again.

This was simple enough and by the end of the process, I was able to add my card to my ios wallet, though Sainsbury’s still wanted to send me a card.

I download the nectar app to have a look and found it improved on the version of the app that I had previously used.

On the app’s home screen as well as telling you how many points you had earned it had a tab saying that there were currently seven My Nectar Prices offers available to me.

What are My Nectar Prices?

Nectar is trying to make your shopping experience more personalised by offering you prices on those items that you buy regularly.

These offers are instant so when you are scanning your shop your offers will be seen straight away.

How do you use Mr Nectar Prices?

The first thing to note is that not only are you going to need the Nectar app, but you’re also going to need the SmartShop app too.

What is Sainsbury’s SmartShop app?

The SmartShop app is a barcode scanner that enables you to scan and bag your shopping and checkout quicker than you would if you were to wait at the self scans or the manned checkouts.

You might have seen the scanning handsets at the entrance of the stores, this is just another way of doing the same thing.

  • You download the app and link it to your nectar card (you need the physical card to do this)
  • Scan and bag the items as you do your shop
  • Pay at a SmartShop checkout 

How to take advantage of My Nectar Prices

  • Download both apps to your iOS or Android enabled smartphone
  • Link your Nectar card to the SmartShop App
  • Check what offers are available to you in the My Nectar Prices tab 
  • Do your Shop at a store that uses SmartShop, not all do
  • Scan the QR code with your SmartShop app
  • Do your shopping as usual scanning and bagging as you go
  • Checkout at the SmartShop Checkout

What offers can you get with My Nectar Prices?

As I hadn’t used the app the offers weren’t personalised to me, but I’d probably benefit from them if there were.

I had seven offers available to me.

my nectar card offers
ItemUsual PriceMy Nectar PriceSaving
McVities Rich Tea Biscuits 300g£1.50£1.1225.33%
Weetabix Cereal x24£2.20£1.6525%
Sainbury’s Super Absorbant Kitchen Towels x2£2.15£1.6125.12%
Sainsbury’s Grated Mozzarella Cheese£2.05£1.5325.37%
Sainsbury’s Blueberries 150g£1.50£1.1225.33%
Hovis Seed Sensations Seven Seeds Medium£1.25£0.9325.6%
Sainsbury’s Pomodorino Tomatoes£1.80£1.3525%

All of these offers made available to me were set to expire in June.

You can see that these saving on these items was quite good, but I thought I’d go online at Sainsbury’s to see if I would be able to get similar items cheaper if I wasn’t going to use the app on those items that I would ordinarily buy.

Sainbury’s Rich Tea Biscuits came in 200g packs and cost £0.50, so I could buy two and have 100g more for 12p less.

A 24 box of Sainsbury’s Wheat Biscuits cost £1.95, £0.30p more expensive.

Interestingly the blueberries online had the price at £2.10, £0.60 more expensive than the app was showing as the usual price. The Pomodorino Tomatoes were also showing as £0.20p more expensive online, upon reading their FAQs this is due to the prices being indicative and are based on prices of products sold in their Beckton supermarket.

How are My Nectar Prices able to offer personalised offers?

When you sign up to Nectar, you’re greeted by a wall of terms and conditions to read before accepting to progress with your application. Unsurprisingly, like any loyalty card, you are giving Nectar information about your shopping habits every day time that you use the SmartShop app.

My Nectar Prices vs Tesco Clubcard Prices

Tesco Clubcard Prices work similarly to My Nectar Prices in that as a Clubcard member, you’ll benefit from exclusive discounts on a range of products.

As Tesco Clubcard members that do a weekly shop online, we average 3 products at the discounted Clubcard price and these three products only decrease our shopping by around £3 per week.

The more that you shop at Sainsbury’s the more tailored your My Nectar Prices will be, but these are only available in-store.

So I would imagine that if you’re currently deciding whether to move from Tesco to Sainsbury’s, and you don’t do your shopping online, then there will be more savings to be had at Sainsbury’s. 


If you want to save money on your supermarket shop and are a Sainsbury’s customer then there is a benefit in signing up to Nectar as not only will you benefit from collecting Nectar points as you shop, but you’ll also receive My Nectar Prices personalised discounts.


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