What are UK bloggers grateful for?

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In what feels like forever, I’ve always felt that there was something missing from my life and tried to fill it with those things that I believed would fill that non-existent void, to the point that I even questioned whether it was making me unhappy

The trouble is as much as I fill those voids with the things I believe I’m missing, there is always something else that I’m able to justify to myself that needs to be filled.

Growing up things seemed so much simpler, we might have dared to dream big and believe that we could be and do whatever we wanted, but it would seem that we now live in a society where we see those that have more getting more and those that have little getting even less with opportunities limited.

In our pursuit of more, whether that be money, happiness, friendships or love we can sometimes forget or neglect those things that we have already in our lives, but if we just stopped for a second, we might realise that we already have all of those things that will make us truly happy and fulfilled.

To see what others were grateful for, I have reached out to some fantastic UK Bloggers and here are their replies.

Peter from householdmoneysaving.com writes about ways to save money and make extra in your spare time.

Here is what Pete is grateful for:

Financially – I am grateful that I have a fairly decent pension thanks to work. I think a lot of people don’t really consider pensions until they get a lot closer to retirement.

In life – I am most grateful to my parents. They have always helped out financially when they can and help a lot with child care!

Or Goren from savvylondoner.co.uk a blog helping people who live in London save money and live a better life even if they’re not big earners.

Here is what is Or Goren grateful for:

Financially – I’m grateful for being able to earn money by doing the things I love (writing and blogging). It wasn’t always the case, and it’s still not as good as I want it to be, but I never regret leaving my previous full-time job.

In life – I’m grateful for the decision we made a few years ago to move to London. It hasn’t been easy, and moving to a new country has its roadblocks – but I love living here, I enjoy the people and – yes – the weather, and I’m thankful for it all every day.

Emma from beemoneysavvy , is a 20-something, recent graduate who is in the process of saving up for a deposit on her first home. Using the tricks mentioned on beemoneysavvy she has managed to earn extra income, get tons of freebies, win competitions and save £1000’s!

Here is what Emma is grateful for:

Financially – I’m grateful for the security that I have financially. I’ve managed to save up a significant emergency fund while juggling my degree and I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to pay rent or afford food. It’s my aim to help more people find that financial comfort.

In life – Every day I count my blessings for the amazing family that I have around me. My mum is my absolute rock and I know that she’s always going to have my back no matter what! My dad taught me about finding a career you love regardless of the pay cheque that comes with it (that advice has come in pretty handy so far)!

tuppennysfireplace.com a blog about frugal living and saving enough money to retire early if you want to. Tuppennysfireplace is approaching financial freedom and will retire 17 years early as a result of saving hard and making frugal choices.

Here is what Tuppenysfireplace is grateful for:

Financially – I am truly grateful for having a final salary pension and for learning whilst still young enough that being in debt was not a good thing. I’ve stuck with the civil service because I recognise the value of my pension and lived frugally to save money to make up for the lower income.

In life – I know there are many people worse off than me so although I don’t have a lot I always remind myself to be grateful for what I do have. I am grateful for being able to make many of the life choices that I have. You won’t catch me moaning about the life I have been dealt!

Laura from thriftylondoner.com blogs about millennial personal finance and enjoying London life even when on a budget.

Here is what Laura is grateful for:

Financially – Taking time to feel grateful for what I have is something I try and do every day! Financially I’m grateful to have a job with a salary generous enough to cover my living expenses and plus extra so that I can save towards my goals.

In life – I try to be grateful for the simple things I walk to and from work every day and am grateful to see the sunrise and nature in all its glory! I’m also grateful to have a roof over my head, savings in the bank, and healthy friends and family.

Francesca from themoneyfox.com is a Mum of one, works part-time and runs her blog alongside a bunch of side hustles. Her blog From Pennies to Pounds shows ways of earning extra money from home, saving money and learning how to budget and manage your money better. Francesca paid off debt and when she became a single mum managed to support both herself and her daughter.

Here is what Francesca is grateful for:

Financially –  I’m grateful that I have found ways of earning extra that fit around my daughter and that she could get involved in as well. I’m grateful that I was able to pay off debt and get myself out of a horrible financial situation. Since paying off my debt I’ve been able to save up and pay for things that I’ve always dreamed about, such as laser eye surgery. Now I’m saving for a dream home with my girl and partner.

In life – I’m grateful for my daughter, and my partner for healing my heart, finding a job during school hours, and being healthy and happy!

Cass from thediaryofafrugalfamily.co.uk, blogs about family life and saving money. Cass actually loves her job and recently decided to go from part-time to full-time even though she could have reduced her hours considerably if not leave thanks to her blog income.

Here is what Cass is grateful for:

Financially – I’m so grateful that I have a good job that I enjoy and a blog income as that means that we can do a lot of things we couldn’t do otherwise. I have the freedom to choose to buy more sustainable products and to buy good quality organic food – both of which have become very important to me. More than ever this year,

In life – I’m thankful for a healthy happy family and that over everything else is what makes me happy.

Nikki from thefemalemoneydoctor.com is a GP Registrar, who has a specialist interest in how money affects her patients both mentally and physically. She has a wealth of personal experience when it comes to making money mistakes! And is on a mission to help others avoid doing the same so they can improve their health and well-being.

Here is what Nikki is grateful for:

Financially – knowing that I have a job in order to live my life, see the world and have fun! It’s also helping me to secure my future, so definitely grateful all around!

In life – there is always something new to learn and discover. I’m always learning and this keeps me growing! Plus, I know that I have the freedom to change things if I want to.

Emma from mydebtdiary.info, documents her debt free journey, with advice and reflections along the way.

Here is what Emma is grateful for:

Financially – I am grateful to have all of my bills and expenses covered each month now that I have a focused plan. For over a year every single day was a panic of watching my bank account and receiving notices that I was overdrawn. I’ve not had to worry about it since June and my mental health has improved drastically as a result.

In life – I am grateful for my family. We have such a laugh together but also openly about life and support each other.

Joleisa from joleisa.com blogs about living a frugal lifestyle. You might have seen these frugal twins on Channel 5’s Shop Smart, Save Money.

Here is what Joleisa is grateful for:

Financially – the fact that we can still provide financially for our families.

In life – my twin sister and I were saying how grateful we are to have this blog! As we drove in a taxi for filming, we were saying that years ago, we would have been stressed out in our classrooms with kids who didn’t even want to be there! Now we work on our blog full-time and are absolutely grateful for the opportunities we have been given. We are also grateful for all the friends we’ve met

Martyna from moneysavinggirl.co.uk is a motorcycling blogger living in London that writes about saving money 🙂

Here is what Martyna is grateful for:

Financially – I am grateful for many things. As I was able to secure quite a good career in a big corporation I am lucky enough to have a nice disposable income and build the life I wanted to have when I do what I like:-)

In life – I am grateful for a wonderful partner, a great family and being healthy plus for an ability to learn and try many new things

Helen from thecomplainingcow.co.uk advises the average consumer on how to assert their legal rights and get the best redress they can.

Here is what Helen is grateful for:

Financially – I’m grateful that my parents instilled in me a sensible work ethic and taught me how to save so that I was able to buy a flat when I was 23 (recession in the 90s! Not the last round!) a car etc. learnt not to spend beyond my means. I’m grateful that my contract with a local authority came to an end just as I would have been going off on maternity leave.

I had to leave early and got payment in lieu of notice on top of a nice redundancy package. Couldn’t have planned the pregnancy for a better time! All this meant that I didn’t have to return to “proper” work, worked part-time as a consultant, and then mucked about with my hobby which I am turning into a living.

In life – I’m pretty grateful that Which? never updated their “150 Letters that Get results!” book because otherwise I wouldn’t have filled the gap and been a bestseller for the last 4 years! Even if my son isn’t impressed because I’m not up there with JK Rowling I don’t think I’ve done badly!

teaandcakeforthesoul is a lifestyle blog covering music, travel, recipes, kindness mental health and more.

Financially – I’m grateful that we bought our first house aged 20. It was really tough with 15% interest rates but now aged 50 we are mortgage free and will always have a roof over our heads.

In life – Grateful in general for my family and a couple of close friends and I appreciate the simple things in life.

Mark from nottaughtaschool.com is a 34 married father of one to a beautiful son.  He writes about earning online, working from home and shares inspirational quotes, and blogging tips you can also catch his interview series too.

Financially – When it comes to finance I am grateful for the opportunities that are available today that weren’t around many years ago.

If it wasn’t for the internet and side hustles we would have never bought our second property after the crash in 2007. We bought our first property in 2007 and 4 months later it was worth £50k less than what we paid. The short version of the story is we started importing from abroad and after 18 months had enough money saved up for a deposit to buy our family home. I am truly grateful for this and for living in the time we do now.

In life – The small things which can often get overlooked, a meal, having a bed to sleep in, the internet. Then I am extremely grateful for things like taking my son to school, and not having to miss out on family time because of being stuck at work or in traffic.

Getting emails or comments on my blog from readers or subscribers on Youtube saying thank you.

At times you can feel down or get the feeling things are not as you planned but just taking the time to be grateful for the simple things always put life into context, some people don’t have a home, a job, a car, a partner etc.

Whenever you are having a crap day take 2 minutes and think about all the things you are grateful for, however big or small, I find thinking about and being grateful for what you do have instead of what you don’t have is a great way to end every day.

Karen from reallymissingsleep.com is a mother of two and blogs about parenting and lifestyle

Financially – I was very lucky as my mum gave us a private mortgage on our first house and we paid no interest just money of the total so six years later when we moved out we had built up a big enough deposit for our forever home. We would never have been in a strong enough position financially to take that step otherwise.

In life – I’m grateful for my supportive family, my happy kids and my hard-working husband


There are clearly things that money can’t buy and reading what others have said, it is the freedom to do what they want when you want that brings happiness into your life not the money itself, maybe something that we probably all know at the back of our minds, but can quickly lose sight of.

It’s those simple things that money can’t buy we mustn’t forget to be grateful for too, such as good health, our family and friends.  When was the last time you picked up the phone from someone just to say hi? I don’t think I ever have, shocking but I guess that’s just the way I’m wired.

It’s a great idea to write those things that you are grateful for and regularly revisit that list, just to give you some perspective.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below on the things that you’re grateful for and show your support to the contributors to this post by visiting their blog, maybe leaving a comment or signing up for their newsletter.

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  1. Loved reading this 🙂 it really spurred me on with my own blogging journey. I’m grateful to be able to help people with what I’m writing about. Some days I’ll get the odd message telling me that I’ve helped someone earn a side income or save money on a purchase, and it really makes me feel like I’m making a difference!

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